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欧宝体育平台:e星归汉闪耀主场时代 武汉eStarPro迎来主场揭幕战

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Original title: e-star returns to Han to shine at home era Wuhan eStarPro ushered in the home opener


On October 8th, Beijing time, the 2020KPL Autumn Tournament continued to be fierce. This week's first focus battle, Wuhan eStarPro, was at home against RNG.M. This was also the opening battle of Wuhan eStarPro's home stadium. The stars return to Han, more shining; the home court era has officially arrived. In the next month or so, 12 offline home games of the eStarpro professional team will be held in Wuhan.


This season KPL ushered in a new change, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, the era of four cities is fully opened. Wuhan eStarPro officially landed at home, announcing that this change has taken another solid step. In order to welcome the opening of the KPL Wuhan home arena, local e-sports fans in Wuhan took the Zhiyin account. Fans of Wuhan eStarPro held the starlight and turned the stars into the most sincere blessings-I look forward to e-Star Blue lighting this up again fall.

本季KPL迎来了新的变化,上海,南京,武汉,广州四个城市欧宝体育平台官网的时代已全面开启。武汉eStarPro正式登陆国内,宣布这一变化又迈出了坚实的一步。为了欢迎KPL武汉主场的开幕,武汉当地的电竞迷们纷纷采用了志​​音账号。武汉eStarPro的粉丝们举起了星光,把星星变成了最真诚的祝福-我期待e-Star Blue的照明又一次落下。

Wuhan eStarPro was full of confidence in the home opener, but it encountered strong resistance from RNG.M. In the three games, Wuhan eStarPro was lost in the rhythm that RNG.M is good at. Seeing that it was snowballed by the opponents, there were not many ways. Unfortunately, RNG.M did not get a good start. However, the overall strength of Wuhan eStarPro need not be questioned. After the game, adjust in time to believe that the home game will be a good start. Because of tenacity, hard work and unity, Wuhan eStarPro is today.


The rivers of Wuhan are intertwined vertically and horizontally, receiving the intersection of north and south tributaries. Since ancient times, they have enjoyed the reputation of "Nine Provinces". Wuhan is the hometown of Wuhan eStarPro and the place where young people's faith takes root and grows. There are the East Lake and Yellow Crane Tower full of cultural heritage, as well as the beautiful cherry blossoms that are well-known across the country. The opening of the 2020KPL Wuhan home stadium is like a surging water, with e-sports as the origin, connecting scattered stars into a line. Forming a deep bond between e-sports, city, and humanities, adding a charm of e-sports here.

武汉的河水纵横交汇,南北支流相交。自古以来,他们就享有“九省”的美誉。武汉是武汉eStarPro的故乡,也是年轻人信仰扎根和成长的地方。东湖和黄鹤楼充满了文化底蕴,美丽的樱花在全国都很有名。 2020KPL武汉家庭体育场的开幕就像汹涌的水面,以电子竞技为起源,将散落的星星连接成一条线。在电子竞技,城市和人文科学之间建立了深厚的纽带,在这里增加了电子竞技的魅力。

The home stadium of Wuhan eStarPro is located in Hubei Radio and Television Station, in the center of the three major transportation hubs of Wuchang Station, Wuhan Station and Hankou Station, with very convenient traffic conditions. It can be seen from the venue construction and stage design effect of the home show that Wuhan eStarPro's home arena can bring a high-quality watching experience to the audience. The overall visual design of the home stadium is inspired by the landmark building of Wuhan, the Yellow Crane Tower, which also includes regional elements such as cranes. The overall color, lighting, T-shirts, light cards, and props are all star blue, which echoes Wuhan eStarPro, and the atmosphere on site is super-burning. .

武汉eStarPro的主场位于湖北广播电视台,位于武昌站,武汉站和汉口站三个主要交通枢纽的中心,交通十分便利。从家庭表演的场地建设和舞台设计效果可以看出,武汉eStarPro的家庭舞台可以为观众带来高品质的观看体验。主体育场的整体视觉设计受到武汉地标性建筑“黄鹤楼”的启发,黄鹤楼还包括起重机等区域性元素。整体颜色,灯光,T恤,光卡和道具全都是星蓝色,与武汉eStarPro呼应,现场的气氛非常火热。 。

The rapid development of the e-sports industry is becoming a new growth point for the urban cultural tourism economy. As a veteran team in the league, eStarPro has won countless honors, and also has a high degree of topicality and a huge fan base. In 2019, Wuhan Tourism Sports Group invested in the eStar club, launched an "e-sports + tourism" cooperation with it, and introduced the first club home game of the King of Glory Professional League to Wuhan, bringing "100 million" traffic attention to the city. And this year, eStarPro's home stadium in Wuhan marks a new historical period for the cooperation between the two parties.

电子竞技产业的快速发欧宝体育平台展正成为城市文化旅游经济的新增长点。作为联盟中的老将,eStarPro赢得了无数荣誉,并且具有高度的关注度和庞大的粉丝群。 2019年,武汉旅游体育集团投资eStar俱乐部,与其开展“电子竞技+旅游”合作,并将首届“荣耀之王”职业联赛俱乐部主场比赛引入武汉,带来了“ 1亿”客流量去城市。今年,eStarPro在武汉的主体育场标志着两党合作的新历史时期。

After the opening of the Wuhan City Home Stadium, it has injected more vitality into the development of Wuhan's e-sports industry. It is reported that the development of the e-sports industry in Wuhan has always been at the forefront of the country. As early as May 1, 2007, the world-class e-sports event WSVG was successfully held in Wuhan. Wuhan is the city that became associated with the world-class e-sports competition earlier in China. one. The launch of the Wuhan eStarPro team’s home stadium is based on offline venues, and based on e-sports traffic to create a spiritual cultural and entertainment center for young people, forming a Wuhan e-sports ecosystem, which will provide event landing, industry incubation, cultural and creative content activities, and talents. Cultivate and formulate industry rules and standards to provide greater help.

武汉城市家庭体育馆开放后,为武汉电子竞技产业的发展注入了更多活力。据悉,武汉电竞产业的发展一直处于全国前列。早欧宝体育平台官网在2007年5月1日,世界级的电子竞技比赛WSVG就在武汉成功举行。武汉是在中国较早时参与世界级电子竞技比赛的城市。一。武汉eStarPro团队主场馆的启动是基于离线场地,并基于电子竞技交通,为年轻人创建了一个精神文化和娱乐中心,从而形成了一个武汉电子竞技生态系统,它将为赛事提供登陆,产业孵化的机会。 ,文化和创意内容活动以及人才。培养并制定行业规则和标准以提供更大的帮助。

The relevant person in charge of Wuhan Tourism Sports Group stated that the opening match of the eStarPro team in Wuhan has begun, marking another step forward in the urbanization of KPL. Sun Liwei, the founder of Wuhan eStarPro club, said that the next step is to combine e-sports with traditional industries, such as home-field derivatives such as e-sports, and e-sports training.


"Eternal glory, immortal stars! Our goal is the sea of ​​stars", the fans who came to the scene also expressed their blessings to Wuhan eStarPro. Fans look forward to the youths starting again in the new season, and look forward to the long-lost cheers on the scene , In this autumn day to witness them radiate bright light again.






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