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【欧宝体育平台官网】热内西奥:我们掌控了比赛 增强了我们晋级的信心

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   Manuscript source: Beijing headlines


In a 2-2 draw with Luneng, although Guoan failed to get a good start in the first game of the second stage, the overall performance is still worthy of recognition, and at the press conference, French coach Genesio also affirmed Everyone's efforts, he believes that such a tie will help boost everyone's confidence, and the team can continue to maintain such performance in the next game, then promotion is still very promising.


When    commented on the game, he said:


   From falling behind by 2 goals to finally equalizing, what kind of psychological adjustment did the Guoan players go through? At the press conference, the Frenchman responded to his arrangement during the intermission: “I was very positive in the midfield. Judging from the content of the first half, it shouldn’t be the score. I told you Players, play in our style and we will definitely be able to recover the score. Just like last year, we finally killed the opponent. This time we also had some good chances at the last moment, but we didn't have the game." As for the mistakes in the game , He also said that we need to face up to the problems and make changes in time: "Every team will make mistakes, but we are a little unlucky, and mistakes are often caught by our opponents. But we don’t need to care too much about this, we still have to follow ours The idea is to create offensive football, but offensive football also has to pay attention to offensive and defensive balance. At this point, we will continue to work hard."


The equalizer depends on the team's efforts, but it cannot be denied that Bakambu, who scored the goal, must be the first to contribute. The DRC has reached 13 goals in the Super League this season, leading alone. The scorer list, when talking about the performance of the game after the game, he said: "We know that Shandong is a very strong team, so we have made full preparations. Even if we are two goals behind, we did not give up and eventually evened. The score will keep the suspense until the next round. I am very happy to score a goal for the team, but the most important thing is the team's results. There are five games left, we want to win every game, the most important game It will always be the next one.” The French are also very happy with the disciple’s performance: “Before commenting on Bakambu’s performance, I would like to say that it was the team’s efforts to achieve this result. Bakambu continued the first stage of the hot He has regained his self-confidence. He has put in a lot of effort in this process. He is a positive player. This is one thing I like about him very much. These two goals are a reward for his efforts."


   After 5 days, the two sides will start the second round of competition, so what kind of mentality should we prepare for that game now? The Frenchman said: "I told the players before that we have to play our offensive football style and score more goals while achieving a better balance of offense and defense. We are confident to play the next game. It is It is an ordinary league and a two-round knockout. No matter what the result of the first game is, we have to prepare for 180 minutes. So no matter what the score of the first game is, it will not affect the players' mentality."


In this competition, the coach gave Augusto and Zhang Xizhe about 10 minutes of playing time at the end of the game, with the intention of allowing them to adapt to the rhythm of the game. After all, the two have just recovered from injuries and need to reintegrate into the team. , Then in the second key battle, can the two make their debut together? "Three or four weeks ago, we thought that Zhang Xizhe and Augusto would not be on the roster for this match, but after the efforts of everyone at the club, they were sitting on the bench. Everyone also saw Augusto. Too had a barb shot at the last moment, and the state was restored to a good level. I hope the two of them will have a better performance in the next game." Reshuai replied.

在这场比赛中,教练在比赛结束时给了奥古斯托和张希哲大约10分钟的上场时间,目的是让他们适应比赛的节奏。毕竟,两人刚刚从伤病中恢复过来,需要重新融入团队。 ,然后在第二场关键战中,两者可以一起亮相吗? “三,四周前,我们认为张希哲和奥古斯托不在这场比赛的名册上,但是在俱乐部所有人的努力下,他们都欧宝体育平台官网坐在板凳上。每个人都还看到了奥古斯托。在最后一刻射击,状态恢复到了一个很好的水平。我希望他们两个在下一场比赛中能有更好的表现。” Reshuai回答。

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