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In the second round of the World Cup South American qualifiers, Argentina challenged Bolivia away. Bolivia Moreno's goal once put the Blue and Whites into a backward situation. Subsequently, Argentina relied on Lautaro Martinez's goal and a wonderful team cooperation, and finally, 2-1 reversed defeat and won the game.

在世界杯南美预选赛的第二轮比赛中,阿根廷挑战玻利维亚。玻利维亚莫雷诺的目标曾经使蓝白军团陷入落后局面。随后,阿根廷依靠劳塔罗·马丁内斯(Lautaro Martinez)的进球和出色的团队合作,最终以2-1击败失败并赢得比赛。

After winning, the Argentina team won two consecutive victories and is currently ranked second in South America (the first place is Brazil). The victory in this game seems ordinary, and it is of great significance to Scaloni and Messi.


[Highland home stadium: the Argentine passed the physical test]


La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia (the legal capital is Sucre). La Paz is located in the La Paz River Valley in the eastern part of the Bolivian Plateau. The city is 3577 meters above sea level and is the highest capital in the world.


If you have no idea about the altitude of La Paz, we can refer to our Chinese cities. The altitude of La Paz is equivalent to the height of Lhasa, the capital of my country's Tibet Autonomous Region. Outsiders who first enter high-altitude areas with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters will have altitude sickness even if they just stop and go, not to mention athletes running all over the football field.


It is no exaggeration to say that for many athletes here, their physical reserve is the number one challenge they face.


In addition, another problem faced by many Argentine players after reaching the plateau is altitude sickness. Most Argentines live on the plains and have fewer opportunities to go to the plateau. Especially in strenuous exercise, running in a large area can cause severe altitude sickness.


Therefore, before the Argentines go to the plateau, one of the problems facing them is their physical reserves and how to overcome altitude sickness.


[Psychological obstacles: Argentines rewrite the away win]


Lautaro once said when scoring: Argentina has changed the history of not beating Bolivia in away games for many years.


With the advantage of the plateau at home, the Bolivians let the world's top teams such as Brazil and Argentina return without success. In the 2018 Russia World Cup South American qualifiers, Brazil was tied by the visiting team here. The scene of the team taking oxygen in the locker room after the game was even more impressive.


Argentina is even more verbal here. The last time the Argentine won here can be traced back to the 2006 World Cup South American qualifiers in Germany. At that time, the Argentine was also behind, relying on the goals of Galetti and Figueroa to reverse Bolivia 2-1.


In the following 15 years, the La Paz Plateau became a nightmare for the Argentines. The 2010 South Africa World Cup qualifier was a match that Messi was destined to be reluctant to look back on. Argentina led by Maradona suffered a humiliating defeat of 1-6 here. This defeat has made Argentina's subsequent events even more so.

在随后的15年中,拉巴斯高原成为阿根廷人的噩梦。 2010年南非世界杯预选赛是梅西注定不愿回头的比赛。由马拉多纳领导的阿根廷在这里遭受了1-6的耻辱。这次失败使阿根廷随后的事件更加严重。

In the 2014 World Preliminaries and the 2018 World Preliminaries, the Argentines failed to win here. In the 2014 World Preliminaries, Argentina, which was blazing all the way, also encountered a draw here. In the 2018 World Cup South American qualifiers, they lost 0-2. This game directly led to the dismissal of the then Argentine coach Bauza.


Before the game, many Argentine fans were sweating for the team. The game seemed to be moving in the direction that people predicted. Moreno's goal in the first half put Argentina in a backward situation. However, the Argentine fell behind by one goal, with Lautaro's goal and a wonderful teamwork, and finally defeated Bolivia 2-1. This is the first time Argentina has captured the devil's home ground in the La Paz Plateau in 15 years.


The victory in this game is enough to make an Argentine team that is forming full of confidence. They have the ability to focus on veterans, drive all kinds of newcomers to accumulate confidence, and finally through the long qualifiers, gradually complete the process of replacing the new with the old.


[World preliminaries are still long and the Argentines still need to work hard]


After winning the game, Argentina ranked first with its two-game winning streak, Brazil. However, in the future, the Argentines still need to work hard.


The process of the World Preliminaries is still long. Different from the grouping and play-offs adopted in the European qualifiers, the South American qualifiers are in a big loop. In such events, the Argentines have to play against their opponents at home and away. Argentina's deadly rival Brazil and Uruguay are all stumbling blocks. Especially the away games with Brazil and Uruguay have not yet played. Therefore, the Argentines have to make long preparations for future events.


Two rounds of the World Cup in South America have gone on, and the Argentine has made a good start. The road ahead is still long. For Argentines who are aspiring to win, the first place in South America is obviously not what they hope for. In the future, perhaps the team's main framework is also changing, and the team's replacement of old and new will continue.


Next year, the Argentine will face the Copa America. In the America's Cup and the World Preliminaries, the Argentines need to adjust their state to better face the future schedule. There is still a long way to go, and the goal has not been completed. The Argentines still have to work hard to play every game afterwards.


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