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Tiger Fight, October 16th Beijing time this Saturday at 19:30, the fifth round of the Premier League, Merseyside Derby, Liverpool will be a guest against Everton. Before the game, Klopp attended the press conference.


"I have lost a lot of derby games in my coaching career, so I know how it feels, so I don’t need to go through this situation. Every derby is a tough battle and we must be prepared. This is me. Most concerned. We have always respected Everton very much."


"I don't want to answer this question because it sounds like I'm complaining (the schedule is dense, the players lack time to rest). Some players in our team were in Peru a few days ago and have now rushed back to Liverpool. They are in good health. , We have a day and a half to prepare."


"Everton has done a great job this season. Ancelotti is a good coach. Obviously, he has the time and resources to lead Everton to build something. This is what he has to do. Futton looks very good. During the transfer window, many other clubs did a great job and made progress. This game is a challenge for us. We will be fully prepared to show our strength."


But we have never thought about this (the opponent's derby record is bad) this issue, what we have to do is to work hard to prepare for tomorrow's game. "

但是我们从来没有考虑过这个问题(对手的德比战记录不好)这个问题,我们要做的就是努力为明天的比赛做准欧宝体育平台官网备。 ”

"It seems that the absence of fans watching the game is the reason we lost, because all other conditions have not changed in peacetime, only the score and the stadium are different.


"His performance is very good, scoring 2 goals in the Villa game, but he hopes to score goals in other teams win games. Overall, so far this season, he has performed very well."


"All the players, they can have today, it is talent + hard work. If you don't work hard, you won't get the chance to play. The players have excellent ability, but if the attitude is not correct, they will not be the current ones."


"The situation facing the two teams is the same. Everyone has players who have returned to the national team on the international match day. The problem before us is that we need to make choices about the configuration of the lineup and we need to think twice. Nucleic acid testing It’s very important. Several of our players were picked up by private jets sent by the club, so they don’t have much contact with the outside crowd. I hope that all the players’ nucleic acid tests will be negative. The national team and the club are obliged to ensure that the players’ health."


Chamberlain is the long sick number. All other players returning from the national team are in good health. "

张伯伦是长期病假的人。从国家队归来的所有其他球员都身体健康。 ”

"Derby is an important game for Liverpool. No one (Liverpool city) will be uninterested in this game. But I don't think the support rate of both sides will be 50-50. There should be more supporters for Everton. ."


"I don't know, this game is as important as the previous Derby, but it won't be said to be more important."


"They have been training with the team for 5-6 days. We will assess their physical condition every day and we will not do any risky things. They are now in good condition and are ready."


"The absence of crowds makes our communication with the players more and better, but football is not a sport where you always comment on every situation every day. Everything we do is on the training ground, which is very, very little One of the advantages."


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